We’d love to be a source of inspiration for the adoption of a planet-friendly lifestyle. That’s why the products we stock support local, environmentally-responsible and ethically-minded businesses.

Our shop enables customers to adopt the 3Rs: Reduce (buy only the quantity needed, free of wasteful packaging), Re-use (bring in and refill jars or make use of our jar recyclery) and Recycle (waste collection bins ensure responsible disposal of hard-to-recycle materials).

  • The purpose of the picture is to show recyclable keep cups available at Giles St Kitchen Catering & Cafe
  • This is a photo showing Ceramic Keep Cups available for sale at Giles St Kitchen Catering & Cafe
  • The picture shows the ACT Governments award to Giles ST Kitchen Catering & Cafe

Sustainability Initiatives

Our organic food waste and coffee grounds gets collected by Canberra locals and turned into healthy hearty compost. This ensures we reduce our waste to landfill by giving our scraps a second life!

We offer Green Caffeen reusable cups to discourage the use of single-use takeaway coffee cups. Just download the app to get started, it’s free!

We are a Responsible Café, meaning every time you BYO coffee cup, we knock $0.50 off your drink!

We collect and responsibly recycle:

  • Electronic Waste
  • Batteries
  • Oral Care Packaging
  • Dish & Air Care Packaging
  • Writing Instruments

We are a REFILL Canberra Location, meaning you can refill your water bottles in our shop anytime and at no cost.


Our accreditation with Healthier Choices Canberra means you can count on us for healthy, family-friendly meal options you feel good about.

RSPCA’s Choose Wisely celebrates our use of free-range, pasture-fed, hormone-free animal proteins.

Since opening, we have been accredited with ActSmart Business Recycling which recognizes our efforts in reducing waste to landfill, year after year.


Social Initiatives

During the COVID-19 crisis, we collected meals and coffee donations for medical staff and people in need, helping our community give back and be a part of something beautiful!